WHAT IS BIG and about their CEO...

The women’s  empowerment organization B.I.G.  (www.believeinspiregrow.com) offers women the inspiration, community and tools they need to move their lives forward both personally and professionally. Click the BIG logo above to be directed to their site and learn more about them!

Tara Gilvar, CEO and Founder of the popular women’s empowerment organization B.I.G.(Believe Inspire Grow) has been guiding women and women entrepreneurs through their personal and professional journeys for more than a decade.  To date, she and her organization has helped nearly 4,000 women move their lives more closely toward their personal and professional goals and dreams.

If you are considering franchising a Chef It Up or Chef It Up 2 Go we will have you speak with Tara first to gain the confidence that you need to make the move and become your own recipe for success!!