Package B “Ultimate” (ages 4 1/2 to 12)
- 1 hour 45 min party
- Printable Invitations

- Paper goods

- Chef It Up tee-shirt for the birthday boy/girl
-  Chef It Up Apron to decorate, wear & keep
​            Select 1 menu for all guests to make with Package B

  • Menu #1 - Pizza; Top Your Own Sundae; Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (pink/blue/plain); S'more Pop & Candy Kabob to take home.
  • Menu #2 - Strombolis;  Chopped Fruit Salad; Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (pink/blue/plain); S'more Pop & Candy Kabob take home
  • Menu #3 - Pizza; Dirt Cups; Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (pink/blue/plain); Chocolate Dipped Treats & Candy Kabob to take home
  • Menu #4 - Teddy Bear or Cinnamon Buns; Fresh Squeezed OJ; Top Your Own Sundae; Decorate 1 Cookie (any theme) to take home
  • Menu #5 - Berry Filled Poptarts; Fruit Kabobs; fresh squeezed Lemonade; OJ or Chocolate Milk; S'more Pop & candy kabob to take home.
  • Menu #6 - Zucchini Boats (parmesan style!); garlic knots; fresh squeezed lemonade; s'more pops & candy kabob to take home

  $350 (up to 12 children) $18 each additional child

    Each child will decorate 1 cupcake each and used as the birthday cake when we sing happy birthday!

   - 2 hour party
   - paper goods

   - 1 Chef It Up apron per guest

   - Chef It Up T-Shirt for Bday Child
   - pick your battle:  Cupcake or Edible Board Game or "NEW" Spot On!
                   small prizes for winning teams
Kids have a BLAST with one of our fun and friendly battles!   If competition is your game then this is sure to be a hit with the guests.  Team work is a top priority in our battles with each guest fully participating on their team! They work together to beat the clock and prepare their creations!  Our battles lead by the fun & friendly staff of Chef It Up and are truly a blast with judging the competition at the end.  Hey they are playing for bragging rights (and a small prize too lol!).    Simply select your Battle (a brief description is below) and we'll do the rest!  No bday cakes are ever needed as we will be sure each child decorates 1 cupcake each to be used as the bday cake for when we sing!   
Battle Options: - (we love a good theme too!)

Cupcake Battle/War -Ages 8 & up - teams will work together to beat the clock once we unveil the ingredients they have to work with then make their cupcake batter so we can get them in the oven then start decorating to complete their amazing designs using tons of cool ingredients!  1 Slice of Pizza is included in this package along with water too plus each guest uses 1 of their cupcakes as the bday cake when we sing and takes some home as their party favor too!

Edible Board Game Battle - Ages 9 & up - how cool is it that each team will brainstorm then create a working board game using edible ingredients then show the judges how it really works!  They will also each make a personal pizza along with fresh squeezed lemonade to enjoy at the party too. Plus decorate 1 cupcake each to be used as the bday cake!

"NEW" - Spot On Battle! - Ages 10 & upThis new team building battle is an all decorating challenge and totally awesome!  We first break into teams then each team is given an image of our choice of some over the top decorated cakes,  cupcakes or cake pops that they'll have to work together to recreate while beating the clock!  We then judge to see what team was "Spot On" in making their creation look exactly like our image!  Once the competition is complete each guest will then make personal pizza and decorate 1 cupcake each to be used as the bday cake!  What a blast!!
$350 (up to 12 children) $20 each additional child

Chef It Up, Budd Lake (Mt. Olive), NJ
141 US Highway 46, Budd Lake, NJ 07828

(973) 300-8898  -

"At our place or yours everyone loves to Chef It Up!"

Celebrating your child’s birthday party is an exciting time and at CHEF IT UP we make it easy as possible for you and fun and exciting for your child and his/her friends. All you have to do is invite the guests, choose the menu and be ready for some fun! We have different party packages and YOU are the ONLY party going on at one time.  We can swap around the menus or even incorporate a theme into your party like Frozen; Mickey & Minnie; Shopkinz & more just ask!  Our prices vary slightly by location so please be sure view the package info. for the CHEF IT UP location you plan on attending.  Our party place is a Nut Free Facility & we are very allergy friendly and therefore no outside food is permitted.  If you are having a party and want to order food for the adults please see our menu. Thank you!

Package A (ages 2 1/2 to 12) 

- 1 ½ hour party 
- Printable Invitations
- Paper goods

- Chef It Up tee-shirt for the Bday boy/girl 
- Chef it Up Apron to  
decorate, wear & keep

                   Select 1 Menu for all guests to make with Package A:

  • Menu #1 - Pizza; Fruit Kabobs; Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (pink/blue/plain); S'more Pops to take home. 
  • Menu #2 - Strombolis; Top Your Own Sundae; Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (pink/blue/plain); Decorate 1 cookie (any theme) to take home
  • Menu #3 - Teddy Bear Biscuits; Dirt Cups; Fresh Squeezed OJ or Lemonade (pink/blue/plain); Decorate 1 cupcake (any theme) to take home

   Each child will also decorate 1 cupcake and it will be used as the birthday cake when we sing happy birthday!

              $335 (up to 12 children) $15 each additional child

Note:  You can swap around your menu items and theme up your party at no additional charge!  And if there's something different you are looking for just ask we have lots of menu items to choose from!

PARTY PACKAGES For Mt. Olive, NJ Chef It Up - 12 min. 24 max  

Pasta Making Party (ages 7 & up)
- 2 hour party
- paper goods

- Chef It Up tee-shirt for bday boy/girl

- Chef It Up Apron per guest
In this delicious party each guest will be cracking eggs; mixing & measuring ingredients to make homemade Farfalle Pasta (a/k/a bowties!) then we cook them up to serve with butter & cheese.  They will also make a chopped tomato & cucumber salad with lemon vinagarette dressing and decorate 1 cupcake each to use as the birthday cake when we sing happy birthday!

$350 (up to 12 children) $20 each additional child.

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