And now a few words from just a few of our happy customers...


Sue, You and your staff were amazing! The party you hosted had my Ella and her friends busy the entire time! I would highly recommend Chef It Up in Nutley anytime! Thank you!!!!



Hi.  I am writing this email to let you know just what an incredible experience my child and their friends had at the Chef It Up facility in Nutley. Let me first start with how unbelievably clean the facility was that you could almost eat off the floor and Toniann told us we were the third party of the day! Just awesome and the party ran so smooth and the kids were so busy and love everything they made. Thank you so much to the staff for a job well done!


Thanks CHEF IT UP for the best party ever for my son’s 4th birthday and he has nut allergies too!!!  Justin just couldn’t believe he could go to a party, make his own meal and enjoy it and not worry!!  The close attention you pay to food allergies and awareness of them is superb!  Your establishment is very very clean and everything was truly perfect!  I would highly recommend CHEF IT UP to all my friends & family!!


Thanks so much guys for the amazing bridal shower you had at Chef It Up for my sister and our 30 plus guests! You paid such close attention to all the detail with our That’s Amore style theme and everyone loved the interactive demo and the signature “mocktail” themed after her too that was a nice touch! Thanks again so much!
We had such a great time at Chef It Up! being peanut and tree nut free is truly awesome now a days and you were so accommodating to Angelina’s other food allergies as well. I would highly recommend you establishment to all my friends! Chef It Up is awesome!


A bunch of friends all purchased Groupons for a cupcake decorating class at CHEF IT UP and it was awesome!!! We had such a blast and we didn’t want the night to end!  Our families at home could not believe the fabulous cupcakes we prepared! Great job!!

Ms. Sue, You made my party so awesome at CHEF IT UP and my friends are still talking about the cupcake battle!!  It was so much fun!

 from, Caroline

Thank you so much Chef it up for making my Hunger Games themed cupcake battle amazing!!  The detail you put in to having us create such cool cupcakes themed after the movie and books was so cool.  I can’t wait to now sign up for cupcake decorating classes with my friends.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

OMG Mozzarella Streching and pasta making…. What a blast!! We brought our own wine, made fresh pesto and garlic knots too it was so awesome!  You couldn’t beat the Groupon price!  Thanks CHEF IT UP!

What a great place for kids! Lisa and her staff were great. Easy instructions and hands on fun! I took my 4 year old son tonight for the Mommy/Daddy & Me class! He loved it. The kids made pizza cupcakes, a fruit smoothie and a s'mores pop! We will definitely be back soon.

I took my 4 year old for a cooking class tonight and he loved it!! Such a fun time preparing and then eating the pizza and treats. He has peanut and tree nut allergies and Lisa took the time to review all the ingredients with me by phone with me the day before. Thank you so much - such a fun class for him, and such a treat for me to see him participate in a food activity outside the home that was so safe!

BEST birthday party ever!! My 5 year old and his friends and family had a BLAST!!! Easiest party I've ever had to plan! Lisa is amazing and makes everything fun and adorable for the kids and EASY for their parents!! She took our birthday boy's favorite thing "MINIONS" and made the most amazing day for him!! I Can't wait to go back! THANK you Lisa and CHEF IT UP!!

My name is Michelle Fernando-Noguera.  I joined the Chef It Up 2 Go family in March 2016.  With both a sense of excitement and shaking hands, I signed, sealed and mailed my Franchise Agreement back to Lisa.   I was about to embark on a new exciting business that I knew very little about.   I am a seasoned business owner and run my own restaurant and catering business as well as another After School Program.   The idea and concept of embarking on a Chef It Up 2 Go posed to be both interesting and challenging to me.   
I met with Lisa initially via phone and completely fell in love with her energy, hands-on style, and professionalism.   It was hard not to get even more excited about her Franchise.  I introduced myself, my business experience and was very honest about my fears on embarking on a new venture.  Would I have the time? Would I be successful? Would I be able to solicit the program?  These were just a few of the many fears I had.   She immediately reassured me that I had nothing to worry about.   After a few short weeks, I was officially a Chef It Up 2 Go owner.   Lisa made the long trip to California to train me and together she eliminated all the fears I had about making sure I purchased the right ingredients for my future "Nut Free" classes.  All it took was a one hour trip to my local grocery store and a few calls to manufacturers and I was hooked.  I was determined to be an expert on what food we could or could not use for the classes.
Fast forward to today, less than one year into my journey, and I couldn't be happier. I've outgrown the many challenges which I would love to share.   My first and biggest challenge was none of the schools I solicited had ovens.  Many of the schools only offered me a basic classroom or kitchen area with just a sink to use.  This was the biggest problem I knew I would face. How do you solicit and offer a cooking class without access to everything needed in the kitchen.   I immediately contacted Lisa and expressed my need to have more and more "NO BAKE" recipes.  She understood my concerns and sent me as many recipes she had to get me started.
I decided to ignore that fact that I would never have a kitchen to bake cookies, cupcakes or pizza.  Instead, I made sure the I built up the excitement that we can still prepare delicious recipes using what was at our disposal.
To date, I am proud to say I have managed to get the Chef It Up 2 Go program in at least 15 Elementary Schools, 2 preschools for workshops, and am booking Summer Camps.   My new challenges to date are quite amusing.   I need more teachers, more time to solicit more schools, more recipes, and a bigger car to haul all my materials.
Thank you to Lisa for all her support and for being available to me whenever I need a question answered.  I'm sure that there are many more challenges for me in the future.  Here is my "recipe for success":
-Don't let any challenge discourage you
-Do look for solutions instead of dwelling on the problems
-Do believe and sell your program because the excitement can be contagious
-Don't stop wanting to grow
-Don't take "no" for an answer.  It just means they aren't ready

Hope this information is helpful to anyone looking to franchise a business and become their own boss.  Lisa & her amazing company Chef It Up & Chef it Up 2 Go really have all the right ingredients to make it happen and she assists you all the way.  And one of these days I'll get around to finally responding to all of the initial emails Lisa's team sent on my behalf to solicit business in my territory!  I've gotten so busy so fast I actually haven't even needed to! lol
Good luck and here's hoping you join our growing family!
Michelle Fernando-Noguera
Chef It Up 2 Go - San Francisco Bay Area Travel Team


Lisa, your enthusiasm is amazing with how you entertained over 100 kids at our Summer Camp and kept busy the entire time. We loved all the options to be able to choose from too and everything was a success so a big thanks!!!

Chef It Up 2 Go really does take your event to the next level!! We had an interactive smoothie making demo at our event for over 1500 guests and people are still talking about it! Our company was celebrating 150 years in business and this was definitely a great addition to our event!
Swiss Re

Chef Lisa, your knowledge of food allergies is so appreciated and being peanut and tree nut free really makes you stand out above the rest! We love your programs and your flexibility and all that you offer!


Having Chef it Up 2 Go was the best option for my daughters party since your facility was just too far away. I was so worried about squeezing 40 kids in my house and the mess we would be left with, but I must honestly say you and your staff were awesome!! Besides the great party you gave (which was the Cupcake Wars theme by the way) you could eat off my floors when you left it was so clean so I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart!! Chef It Up 2 Go is the best!

I meant to email you yesterday but I just got busy. I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with every aspect of “The What’s for Dinner?” class. Sue was friendly, professional and great with the kids. It left a lasting impression on them and they smiled and talked about their experience all day.

I owe Sue a big “thank you” because she really gave the kids a special treat. I will definitely recommend your parties to all my friends.

Thanks again,


Chef It Up 2 Go Rocks!  From the moment I called to inquire right down to our company’s details you made our team building event utterly amazing and everyone just can’t stop talking about it! Thank you thank you so much Chef It Up 2 Go! We would recommend you to everyone!

I cannot begin to tell you how
great this program was the last two days. Your instructors were incredibly friendly and so knowledgeable of food allergies and just wonderful with the children. They were very active and helpful and I cannot say enough about how great they were. The children enjoyed the projects and had a fantastic time! I will definitely be in
touch to try to schedule more events throughout the year.

Thank you CHEF IT UP 2 GO, College Station Texas Team!
Beverly Watkins
The Woodlands Young Learners Academy

Thank you Nina of the Bergen County Chef It Up 2 Go travel team for such an awesome program. There were a lot of kids, so I'm sure it got crazy and I really appreciate all of their hard work. The kids were already asking when the next one is!!!

Nina, I was going to email you to let you know everything was perfect!  The kids had an amazing time and Dana loved every minute of it!  Your staff was incredible and kept everything running smoothly and they were great with the kids. A lot of parents were impressed and loved that the party was something different than the usual, they also loved (as did I) that the staff really took care of everything!  The cupcake battle was amazing, the kids were so excited for all of the frosting and toppings and loved the fondant and using the piping bags. Thank you for all of your guidance, suggestions and communication since I first contacted you.

Nina, the children are really enjoying the class and are very excited. I enjoyed hearing from the boys who said they joined because they like to eat!!!