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Lisa, your enthusiasm is amazing with how you entertained over 100 kids at our Summer Camp and kept busy the entire time. We loved all the options to be able to choose from too and everything was a success so a big thanks!!!

Chef It Up 2 Go really does take your event to the next level!! We had an interactive smoothie making demo at our event for over 1500 guests and people are still talking about it! Our company was celebrating 150 years in business and this was definitely a great addition to our event!
Swiss Re

Chef Lisa, your knowledge of food allergies is so appreciated and being peanut and tree nut free really makes you stand out above the rest! We love your programs and your flexibility and all that you offer!


Having Chef it Up 2 Go was the best option for my daughters party since your facility was just too far away. I was so worried about squeezing 40 kids in my house and the mess we would be left with, but I must honestly say you and your staff were awesome!! Besides the great party you gave (which was the Cupcake Wars theme by the way) you could eat off my floors when you left it was so clean so I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart!! Chef It Up 2 Go is the best!

I meant to email you yesterday but I just got busy. I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with every aspect of “The What’s for Dinner?” class. Sue was friendly, professional and great with the kids. It left a lasting impression on them and they smiled and talked about their experience all day.

I owe Sue a big “thank you” because she really gave the kids a special treat. I will definitely recommend your parties to all my friends.

Thanks again,


Chef It Up 2 Go Rocks!  From the moment I called to inquire right down to our company’s details you made our team building event utterly amazing and everyone just can’t stop talking about it! Thank you thank you so much Chef It Up 2 Go! We would recommend you to everyone!

I cannot begin to tell you how
great this program was the last two days. Your instructors were incredibly friendly and so knowledgeable of food allergies and just wonderful with the children. They were very active and helpful and I cannot say enough about how great they were. The children enjoyed the projects and had a fantastic time! I will definitely be in
touch to try to schedule more events throughout the year.

Thank you CHEF IT UP 2 GO, College Station Texas Team!
Beverly Watkins
The Woodlands Young Learners Academy

Thank you Nina of the Bergen County Chef It Up 2 Go travel team for such an awesome program. There were a lot of kids, so I'm sure it got crazy and I really appreciate all of their hard work. The kids were already asking when the next one is!!!

Nina, I was going to email you to let you know everything was perfect!  The kids had an amazing time and Dana loved every minute of it!  Your staff was incredible and kept everything running smoothly and they were great with the kids. A lot of parents were impressed and loved that the party was something different than the usual, they also loved (as did I) that the staff really took care of everything!  The cupcake battle was amazing, the kids were so excited for all of the frosting and toppings and loved the fondant and using the piping bags. Thank you for all of your guidance, suggestions and communication since I first contacted you.

Nina, the children are really enjoying the class and are very excited. I enjoyed hearing from the boys who said they joined because they like to eat!!!